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The USS Pilgrim (NCC-178) was a 22nd century United Earth starship, a Daedalus-class medical ship in United Earth Starfleet service in the 2150s decade. (ST video game: Legacy)

Service history and disposition[]

Pilgrim was one of five Daedalus-class starships constructed by Starfleet between 2157 and 2159.

In the year 2159, Pilgrim was assigned to an Earth starbase. In May, Pilgrim patrolled the system as Reggie arrived aboard Niagara to deliver new orders to Captain Jonathan Archer and Enterprise NX-01. (ST video game: Legacy mission: "Those in Need")

Following toxic poisoning of the planets in the Epsilon Theta star system by the Vulcan extremist T'Uerell, Enterprise escorted a task force of three Daedalus-class medical ships there to deliver the cure. Medical teams operated from aboard Pilgrim, Bach and Nightingale. A nearby Romulan starbase was alerted to Starfleet's presence, and ships of the Romulan Star Navy were dispatched to track down the Humans.

Enterprise, Coto and the rest of Archer's task force defended the three medical ships from Romulan attacks while the medical teams continued to inoculate the affected Epsilon Thetan worlds. (ST video game: Legacy mission: "Be my Shepherd")

Ships of this class appear as NPC vessels and cannot be controlled by the player.



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