The USS Presidio (NCC-47700) was a Federation starship, a Presidio-class command battlecruiser in Starfleet service from the early 25th century. (STO video game: Delta Rising)


The Presidio entered service in early 2410. The Alpha Quadrant Alliance cooperated to launch a series of three modular command ships per member state. The Presidio was one of three Starfleet command ships, and the prototype of the Presidio-class.[1] (STO video game: Delta Rising)

When the Iconian War began, the Presidio was one of the Starfleet ships surviving the initial attack and maintained position at Drozana Station. (STO video game: The Iconian War)

In the 26th century, the Presidio was part of an allied fleet, with representatives from the 22nd century to the 31st, dispatched by Temporal Agent Pavel Chekov to defend the USS Enterprise-J during the assault on the Tuterians' command sphere. The Presidio subsequently engaged Temporal Liberation Front forces from various factions, including Krenim, Vorgons, Terran Empire, Na'kuhl, and Sphere Builders. (STO - Future Proof mission: "Ragnarok")


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