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The USS Quito was a 24th century Federation Olympic-class starship. This vessel was in Starfleet service in the 2370s and 2380s decades. (LD episode: "Second Contact")

Service history and disposition

In the late 2370s, Beckett Mariner served on the USS Quito. Beckett flaunted Starfleet protocol, despite knowing it by heart, and frequently ended up in the brig, which she enjoyed. She was also demoted.

The Quito established first contact with the Galardonians of the capital planet, and their Galardonian High Council. Beckett learned about the living condition of Galardonian farmers during this mission.

Around 2379, Beckett was reassigned to the USS Cerritos, and began serving as ensign under Captain Carol Freeman, her mother.

About a year later, on stardate 57436.2 in 2380, Admiral Mariner was called by Freeman after one of her ensigns, Brad Boimler, failed to rat Beckett out during an away mission for second contact with the Galadonians. Freeman wanted Mariner to send Beckett back to the Quito, which he refused. (LD episode: "Second Contact")




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