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In the Kelvin timeline, the USS Realta (NCC-0184) was a Federation starship, a Realta-class explorer in Starfleet service in the 2260s decade. The ship was launched by the Federation in the 22nd century and based on early Earth starships. The Realta returned to Home Station, where it received a permanent berth at Drydock A. (TOS video game: Fleet Command) The Realta is also seen at Starbase 1 in the movie Star Trek (2009) when the shuttle is arriving at the Starbase before departure.

History[edit | edit source]

Around stardate 2262.45, the Realta belonged to an Independent and was no longer directly affiliated with Starfleet. The ship was called to Home Station by Lieutenant Commander Montgomery Scott to defend it against Rigelian and Nausicaan raids. After repelling the pirates, the Realta ferried Scott to a rendezvous with the USS Enterprise, so he could join its mission to the Fibonan Republic.

During the war between the Federation, Klingon Empire and Romulan Star Empire in the trilateral Neutral Zone, the Realta was one of the ships defending Home Station, aligned and non-aligned star systems in the contested zone from Nausicaans, Jelna, and other hostiles. The ship's weapons and capabilities could be upgraded at Home Station, and crew rotations were handled at the E-class starbase as well.

This ship shared its name with the Turas-class explorer USS Realta (NCC-0191). (TOS video game: Fleet Command)

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