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The USS Renegade (NCC-63102) was a Federation starship, a New Orleans-class frigate in Starfleet service in the 24th century. This ship was in active service around the 2360s decade, and was one of a number of vessels bearing this name. (ST reference: Star Trek Encyclopedia)

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In the early 2360s, the Renegade was commanded by Captain Lau. (Last Unicorn RPG module: Star Trek: The Next Generation Core Game Book)

In the year 2364, the Renegade, under the command of Tryla Scott, made an covert rendezvous with the starships Enterprise-D, Horatio and Thomas Paine in orbit of Dytallix B, so that the commanding officers of these vessels could discuss the recent goings-on at Starfleet Headquarters during the invasion of the bluegill aliens. (TNG episode: "Conspiracy")



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