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The USS Rickover was a Federation starship of the 23rd century. The Rickover crew wore an assignment patch insignia consisting of five interlocking circles. The Rickover was declared lost with all hands when, in the 2240s, it went missing near the galactic core in an area of space where black holes were later found to be common.

Over twenty years later, on stardate 6527.5, in 2269, the USS Enterprise detected a USS Rickover shuttlecraft moving towards them about eleven light-years from the last reported location of the Rickover. On board was Thomas Clayton, a space traveler who had gone missing in the early 2260s, about five-years later. It was revealed that the shuttlecraft and Mr. Clayton (who had degenerated into a raving madman who claimed he was Jesus Christ) had approached Enterprise from a Dyson sphere named Lyra. The controller of Lyra was an intelligence named Ay-nab that lived in the sphere's sun, and had "collected" many earlier expeditions. The Rickover crew, along with Clayton and Alhamisi Uhura, were all kept in a zombie-like state of near-death and madness by Ay-nab. (TOS novel: The Starless World)


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