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The USS Ride (NCC-1265) was a 23rd century Federation starship, a Shepard-class battlecruiser[1] in Starfleet service in the 2250s decade. It was named for the Human astronaut Sally Ride. (DSC episode: "Battle at the Binary Stars")

Service history and disposition[edit | edit source]

The Shepard-class of ships first entered service in the 23rd century. This included the USS Ride. (DSC Issue 03: "USS Kerala")

The Ride was active in the 2250s. In the year 2256, the Ride was one of several Starfleet ships operating in the Beta Quadrant. On stardate 1207.3, 11 May 2256, the Ride responded to a distress call from the USS Shenzhou when the Klingon fanatic T'Kuvma assembled a fleet of the 24 Great Houses of the Klingon Empire.

In the ensuing Battle of the Binary Stars, the Ride engaged Klingon ships. Though the Federation forces were defeated, the Ride survived the encounter and retreated. This battle marked the beginning of the Federation-Klingon War of 2256-2257. (DSC episode: "Battle at the Binary Stars")

Following a stellar event at TL-9139 that forced Starfleet to abandon Yard 39 and over 150 ships in 2259, leading to an end to the generation of starship designs, including the Shepard class. (STO Issue 01: "USS Gagarin")

By the year 2269, the Ride had been replaced by another USS Sally Ride. (TOS novel: The Weight of Worlds)

In 2410, the Khitomer Alliance created a holographic combat training scenario for the Battle of the Binary Stars. Participants took command of the historical ships, including the USS Ride. Unlike the historic events, most Starfleet vessels survived the battle. (STO - Age of Discovery mission: "Battle of the Binary Stars")

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