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The USS Roosevelt (NCC-1003) was a Federation starship, an Engle-class vessel in Starfleet service in the 2250s decade. In 2256, the ship was assigned to Starbase 1. (STO - Age of Discovery mission: "Task Force Operations: Age of Discovery")

Service history[edit | edit source]

In the year 2256, the Roosevelt was one of four Engle-class starships docked at Starbase 1 when the space station came under attack from forces of the Klingon Empire, House of D'Ghor and House of Mo'Kai. The station's commander, Admiral Kensington, requested Starfleet support.

After reinforcements arrived, including USS Malachowski, USS Sebrova and USS Ticonderoga, the station was able to crew the four Engle-class ships. They launched and joined the battle. (STO - Age of Discovery mission: "Task Force Operations: Age of Discovery")

In 2411, long after the end of the Federation-Klingon War of 2256-2257, the return of J'Ula and her House of Mo'kai forces, Starfleet commissioned a simulation for officers of the Alpha Quadrant Alliance to reaquaint themselves with J'Ula. In the simulation, the four Engle-class ships were crewed to evacuate the station rather than defend it, and warped away when protected from the Klingons. In the simulation, the four ships were destructible by the Klingon forces. (STO - Age of Discovery mission: "Task Force Operations: Age of Discovery")

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