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For other uses, see Sagittarius.
For the mirror universe counterpart, see ISS Sagittarius.

The USS Sagittarius (NCC-1894) was an Archer-class Starfleet scout vessel in service in the 2260s. The ship is named for the Sagittarius constellation.


In 2265 the "nearly new" Sagittarius was assigned to Starbase 47 (aka Vanguard Station), under the command of Captain Adelard Nassir. The ship was an Archer-class scout vessel, a long-range outrider with just fourteen personnel aboard. Due to Nassir's easygoing nature and the small size of the crew, most of the normal formalities of rank and starship hierarchy were dispensed with. For example, members of the crew typically wore a simple green jumpsuit, without insignia or specialist markings, just a patch bearing the name of the ship on the right shoulder and the crewperson’s name stitched on the front left chest flap, instead of regulation duty uniforms. (VAN novel: Harbinger)


Known crew in 2265:

Crew in 2269:

  • Commanding officer: Captain Clark Terrell
  • First officer: Lieutenant Commander Vanessa Theriault
  • Second officer and Security Chief: Lieutenant Commander Sorak
  • Chief medical officer: Doctor Lisa Babitz
  • Field scout: Lieutenant Faro Dastin (from 2268)
  • Science officer: Lieutenant Sengar Hesh
  • Medical technician: Lieutenant, junior grade Nguyen Tan Bao
  • Field scout: Ensign Taryl (from 2268)
  • Navigator and helmsman: Ensign Nizsk
  • Chief Engineer: Master Chief Petty officer Mike "Mad Man" Ilucci
  • Lead scout: Senior Chief Petty officer Razka
  • Senior Engineer's Mate: Petty officer First Class Salagho Threx
  • Engineer's Mate: Petty Officer Second Class Karen Cahow
  • Engineer's Mate: Crewman (promoted to Petty officer Third Class, 2269) Torvin



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The Sagittarius constellation is named for its characterization as an archer.