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The USS Scott (NCC-98600) was a Federation starship, a Scott-class miracle worker cruiser in Starfleet service in the early 25th century. The ship was named for the notable Human engineer Montgomery "Scotty" Scott. (STO video game: Emergence, STO website: Announcing the Miracle Worker Mega Bundle!)


By the year 2409, the Sentinel-class star cruiser USS Montgomery Scott (NCC-95792) was in service and preceded the Scott-class prototype. (STO - "Borg Advance" mission: "Report to Gamma Orionis")

By 2409, Starfleet routinely operated multiple ships with the same name at the same time.

In response to the Iconian War, the three main powers of the Alpha Quadrant Alliance pooled engineering design resources. Each nation launched a trio of miracle worker cruiser classes. The Scott was the prototype of a miracle worker cruiser geared towards the operations department. (STO - "Season 14: Emergence" mission: "Welcome to Earth Spacedock")

Its KDF counterpart was the IKS Mur'Eq, and the Romulan Republic launched the RRW Nijil miracle worker warbird. (ARC website: Announcing the Miracle Worker Mega Bundle!)

Following the end of the Tzenkethi Crusade, the Scott visited Drozana Station in the Donatu sector to rendezvous with the IKS Amar. The Amar towed the USS Georgiou, believed destroyed in 2293, to Drozana as a gift. It was accepted by representatives of the Advanced Starship Design Bureau aboard the Scott. Following the polite but curt encounter, the Scott towed the Georgiou toward Federation space.

This encounter was reported a week later, on stardate 87831.2, by Jayce's Interstellar. (STO - Mirror of Discovery short story: "Jayce's Interstellar: Around the Galaxy")


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