The USS Senzig (NCC-1951) was a Starfleet Antares-class science vessel.

In the 2290s, the Senzig was dispatched to investigate a spatial anomaly and disappeared without trace, with no known survivors.

In 2370, a shuttlecraft from the Senzig was found and utilized by two Narisians, Garamet and Wahlkon, as they attempted to escape their Proctor overlords from the Narisian system. Retired Starfleet Captain Montgomery Scott detected their distress call and rescued the two, and reluctantly utilized the shuttlecraft to draw away their pursuers, setting it on autopilot until it detonated via an overload.

Data of the USS Enterprise-D reported to Scott and Captain Jean-Luc Picard that the anomaly the Senzig was investigating was by then suspected to be related to an uncharted Borg transwarp conduit. (ST novel: Engines of Destiny)

The dedication from Engines of Destiny author Gene DeWeese says "For Don Senzig, a better friend than I deserved, a 20th century Scotty of the computer world, whose miracle working and generosity has kept me going the last 20 years".
Don Senzig helped Gene with his computer and software; changing from Word Star to the various versions of Microsoft text software. Gene depended on Don to keep him writing and publishing. Don enjoyed working with Gene and reading Gene's work. Don died as Gene was working on Engines of Destiny. Gene thought it very right to dedicate his book about Scotty to Don. ~~ from Don's wife, Dorothy Dean
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