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For other uses, see Shangri-La.

The USS Shangri-La (NCC-2575) was a 23rd century Federation starship, the Shangri-La-class prototype in Starfleet service around the 2280s or 2290s decade. (SOTL - Ships of the Line calendar: 2022)

Service history and disposition[]

SOTL 2022 February

The Shangri-La and Surprise on mission.

At some point in the late 23rd century, the USS Shangri-La and its sister ship Surprise performed a mission near a ringed planet within a star system. The location was the site of a large, industrial space station and its support craft. (SOTL - Ships of the Line calendar: 2022, February image)

USS Shangri-La hologram

A holographic Shangri-La in 2378.

The Shangri-La was part of the database of the experimental starship USS Theseus in the year 2378. On stardate 55445.3, the Shangri-La was one of several Earth and Federation Starfleet ships recreated on the holodeck when the holograms aboard the Theseus formed a union. Alongside the holographic 2250s-era USS Enterprise, USS Enterprise-D, USS Cerritos, USS Reliant, Kelvin timeline USS Enterprise, Enterprise NX-01, USS Defiant and USS Voyager, the Shangri-La fired phasers on the holographic 2260s-era Enterprise commanded by emergency firewall protocol Theta-Seven-Scott. The attack ended when Captains Benjamin Sisko and Montgomery Scott reached a peaceful resolution with the uprising holograms, who settled Circe V and left the Theseus databanks. (ST - Star Trek (IDW 2022) comic: "Star Trek Annual (2023)")