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The USS Solstice (NCC-72409)[1] was a 24th century Federation starship, a Nova-class science vessel[1] and scout[2] in Starfleet service in the 2370s[1] and 2380s[2] decades. (Decipher RPG module: Starships, ST video game: Legacy)

Service history and disposition[]

In the late 2370s, the Solstice was assigned to study gaseous anomalies and particulate fountains inside the "Briar Patch". (Decipher RPG module: Starships)

In the year 2380, the Solstice was one of four Nova-class ships operating as scouts when Starfleet faced off against an alliance between the rogue scientist T'Uerell and the Borg Collective. (ST video game: Legacy)



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  • A solstice is an astronomical phenomenon.


In a source that was never published in a licensed capacity, the Last Unicorn Games RPG supplement, Ship Recognition Manual, Volume 1: The Ships of Starfleet, lists the Solstice's registry as NCC-74854.