For the 24th century vessel of the same name, see: USS Sparrow.


The USS Sparrow was a Class Five Federation ship in service during the mid 23rd century. These vessels usually operated with a crew of around five and were armed with phasers.

In 2269 the Sparrow was hijacked by Jahn, an Only from Miri's homeworld, when she delivered dilithium crystals to that planet. The mentally unbalanced Jahn, accompanied by two other Onlies, went on a rampage, attacking and sometimes destroying whatever ships he came across, including several smaller Klingon ships.

This ship was fitted with a special cloaking device designed by Flint, from planet Holberg 917G, and the USS Enterprise under Captain Kirk was tasked with getting the now famous recluse to help them defeat his own design and recover the vessel.

Flint managed to successfully find a counter to his improved cloaking device and the Enterprise tracked her down. However, a Klingon battlecruiser had also followed the Enterprise. The Sparrow was destroyed after the small, fragile vessel was tractored by the Klingon ship attempting to pull her into its shuttlebay. (TOS novel: The Cry of the Onlies)

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