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The USS T'Plana-Hath was a Starfleet starship in service in the 24th century. It was commanded by Captain Sotak.

In 2349, the T'Plana-Hath was engaged in a mission against the Ktarians. Elias Vaughn and Ruriko Tenmei attempted to transport T'Prynn back to the T'Plana-Hath, although her pattern had degraded too much and she was killed.

In 2369, the crew of the T'Plana-Hath, as well as Vaughn and Tenmei, were assigned to stop Cren Veruda's artificial intelligence program, which had been found on Uridi'si. The ship was later attacked and crippled by a Borg vessel, which had come to take possession of the artificial intelligence. (DS9 - Mission Gamma novel: Lesser Evil)

Sivadeki was once assigned to the T'Plana-Hath. (ST - Typhon Pact novel: Rough Beasts of Empire)

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