The USS T'Saura was an Antares-class science vessel in service to Starfleet in the mid 23rd century. As of 2269, it was commanded by Captain Sivok.

In that year, the T'Saura was assigned to study an interdimensional rift within the Delta Triangle region recently discovered by the USS Enterprise, and to determine a way to safely enter and exit the anomaly, without suffering damage to the ship's dilithium crystals. They were later aided in this objective by the Corps of Engineers team aboard the USS Lovell.

Once the two crews successfully determined a way navigate the rift, they attracted the attention of several Gorn vessels. Upon learning a wanted Gorn criminal, Glind, was part of the Elysia society within the rift, the Gorn created a mine blockade of the region. While attempting to study and disable the mines, the T'Saura triggered the mines to converge on their position and detonate, destroying them. (SCE eBook: Where Time Stands Still)


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