The USS Thelasa-vei (AGC-7-48) was an Andorian Imperial Guard starship, a Kumari-class battle cruiser in service to the Federation Starfleet in the mid-22nd century. She was named after Thelasa-vei Province on Andor.


By the year 2165, she was under the command of Captain Menteshay th'Zaigrel.

In March 2165, the Thelasa-vei was charged with assisting Captain Malcolm Reed's heavily damaged USS Pioneer. She towed Pioneer back to Vulcan Space Central in orbit of Vulcan for repairs.

In mid-April, she was assigned to Captain Reed's task force with the mission of supporting Pioneer during her investigations about the Ware and their intentions. Thelasa-vei and the rest of the task force was ordered to wait on the edge of the sector to avoide provoking a war.

In late May, while the other warships in the task force rushed to the Pioneer's rescue after she was attacked by several Ware battleships, Thelasa-vei was forced to remain at a sufficient distance to triangulate the origin point of the battleship. With that data, they were able to determine the location of the Ware hub complex.

In the begining of June, Thelasa-vei, with the support of the USS Tashmaji and three Balduk ships, raided a Ware repair station to distract the Ware from the Starfleet task force's assault on the hub comlex. After the station had been captured, she rejoined the task force.

A few days later, she helped defend the hub comlex trom a sizable Ware fleet. During the battle, she lost her portside engines and a portion of her engineering crew, but was ready for the final assault on the Ware command ship when it was shut down by Lieutenant Commander Travis Mayweather and other kidnap victims from the inside. (ENT - Rise of the Federation novel: Uncertain Logic)



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In his annotations for "Uncertain Logic", author Christopher L. Bennett gives the registry number for the USS Thelasa-vei as "AGC-7-48", which was later confirmed in Live by the Code.

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