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The USS Theseus (NCC-552) was a 23rd century Federation starship, authorized on stardate 4699 by Starfleet for construction as a Mk VIIIb Saladin-class (Cochise-subclass) class I destroyer. (TOS reference: Star Fleet Technical Manual)

The stardate given would seem to suggest this ship was ordered during the TOS era.

Service history and disposition[]

In the year 2266, the Theseus was assigned to the Taurus Reach to defend Starbase 47. (VAN novel: Open Secrets)

By 2268, the Theseus, along with the USS Akhiel and the USS Buenos Aires, had been reassigned from Starbase 47 by Starfleet Command to missions of equal or greater importance. (VAN novel: What Judgments Come)

In 2270, the Theseus assignment patch was available for other starships under the command of Admiral Isaac Garrett at Earth Spacedock. (STO - Agents of Yesterday mission: "Explore Earth Spacedock")

In the 2550s decade, the USS Theseus (NCV-88050) of the 26th century Theseus-class escort was named after this vessel. (STO - Agents of Yesterday mission: "Welcome to Earth Spacedock")



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