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The USS Tikhov (NCC-1067-M) was a 32nd century Federation starship, a small seed vault ship in Starfleet service in the 3180s decade. Around that time, the Tikhov was operated by a Barzan family during a mission to guard the seed vault. (DSC episode: "Die Trying")

Service history and disposition[]

The Tikhov in 3189.

A ship named the Tikhov had been tasked with holding the seed vault since circa the 2250s. Commander Michael Burnham, who originated in the 23rd century, was familiar with the ship's mission.

The mission was continued for centuries. From around 2689 onwards, the Tikhov mission rotated between Federation members. By the 3180s, Barzan II commanded the Tikhov-M.

To accommodate the Barzan family aboard, the Tikhov's environmental systems were programmed to Barzan II atmospheric conditions.

In the year 3189, the Tikhov was damaged first by a coronal mass ejection, and then an ion storm. Only Doctor Attis survived. He placed the corpses of his family members in cryostasis.

Tractored to safety.

In the same year, the time-displaced USS Discovery arrived at Federation Headquarters. Fleet Admiral Charles Vance gave the 23rd century crew a chance to prove itself by rescuing the Tikhov-M. Discovery used its spore drive to jump to Tikhov's location, and pulled the stricken Federation ship with a tractor beam. A landing party, including the Barzan security officer Nhan, visited Tikhov. Attis soon succumbed to the effects of a transporter accident. Discovery's Barzan security officer, Commander Nhan, assumed command of the Tikhov-M to bring its mission to conclusion, and promised to return the bodies of Attis and his family to their homeworld.

The success of the mission led Admiral Vance to accept Discovery's return to Starfleet. (DSC episode: "Die Trying")




  • This ship may be named after the Human astronomer Gavriil Adrianovich Tikhov.
  • The -M suffix of the registry number reveals this is the 14th ship named Tikhov bearing the registry number NCC-1067. Since the Tikhov was said to have been active since the 23rd century, it is likely that previous Tikhovs have also been seed ships.

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