The USS Tokyo was a Federation Starfleet New Orleans-class starship in service in the 24th century.

Service history

The Tokyo was launched sometime in the 2350s decade, being a contemporary of the USS Enterprise-D when that ship was first constructed.

In the 2380s, the Tokyo's commanding officer was Captain Christopher Jones. His first officer was an Andorian.

The ship is named for the home city of Christopher Bryan Jones (for whom the captain is named), founder and publisher of the podcast network. (Literary Treks 123: The Line Is a Dot to You, an interview with author James Swallow.)

In the year 2386, the Tokyo underwent a substantial refit in the Earth Spacedock space station of Starbase 1. Once complete, the Tokyo was to continue the USS Titan's mission of exploration on a four year cruise in the Gum Nebula. (TTN novel: Sight Unseen)


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