The USS Trenkanshent sh'Lavan (AGC-6-49) was a Sevaijen-class starship in service of the Federation Starfleet in the 22nd century. She was named after Andorian Starfleet Captain Trenkanshent sh'Lavan.


In April 2165, the sh'Lavan was assigned to Captain Malcolm Reed's task force; she rendezvoused with the other ships over Vulcan. From there, the task force proceeded into Ware territory. sh'Lavan and the task force remained on the edge of the sector in order to not provoke a war with too great a show of force, while USS Pioneer approached to investigate.

On May 26, Pioneer was attacked by a group of Ware battleships, after raiding a Ware trading post. sh'Lavan, with the USS Vol'Rala and the USS Flabbjellah, destroyed the Ware reinforcements headed for the severely damaged Pioneer, while the USS Kinaph crippled the last attacking ship.

In June, the fleet captured the Ware hub complex with little effort, although at one point a group of mining drones tried to ram her and she was forced to raise her shields. As a result of this, the transporter jamming field was disrupted and two members of the strike force were accidentally beamed into space from the station. A few days later, a sizeable Ware fleet attempted to retake the complex, with the task force defending. During the battle, sh'Lavan was crippled with several fatalities. (ENT - Rise of the Federation novel: Uncertain Logic)

In October, the sh'Lavan and the USS Endeavour were present in the Arvospu system, when a fleet of Klingon battlecruisers under the command of General Ja'rod arrived to destroy the Ware. After an unsuccessful attempt at a diplomatic solution from Captain T'Pol, the Klingons sent out a transmission that shut down all Ware technology in the system. To save as many live as they could, the two Starfleet vessels ignored the Klingon ships and started to evacuate the Arvospu. (ENT - Rise of the Federation novel: Live by the Code)



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In his annotations for "Uncertain Logic", author Christopher L. Bennett gives the registry number for the USS Trenkanshent sh'Lavan as "AGC-6-49", and it was later confirmed in "Live by the Code".

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