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The USS Trident (NCC-31347) was a Galaxy-class starship commissioned in 2376, under the command of Captain Elizabeth Shelby.

Service history and disposition[]

Shelby served as the Trident's captain throughout the Gateways Crisis, the incident with the Beings and throughout the events involving the Selelvians and the Tholian Assembly in in 2376 and 2377.

When Shelby was promoted to Admiral and given command of Space Station Bravo, command of the Trident fell to Shelby's first officer, Katerina Mueller.

Mueller captained the Trident through several incidents with Selelvian renegades and Orion pirates.

The Trident was in the center of events when the extra-dimensional beings known as the Teuthis attempted to incite a civil war in the New Thallonian Protectorate in 2379. (ST - Gateways novel: Cold Wars; NF novels: Stone and Anvil, After the Fall, Missing in Action)

In 2380 the Trident was equipped with a copy of the IRW Spectre cloaking device and engage the Dayan Dreadnought in Thallonian space.(NF novel: The Returned, Part 3)

The registry number for the ship has only been given in Cold Wars when Arex noted that it was a newly commissioned Galaxy-class starship.

Crew manifest[]

Command division[]

Commanding officer
First officer
Flight controller

Operations division[]


Operations manager


Tactical officer/security chief


Chief engineer
Transporter chief

Science and medicine[]

Science officer
Chief medical officer

Other crew[]



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