The USS Tsavo was a Federation runabout in service in the 2370s.

In 2379, the Tsavo assigned by Starfleet to the Tezwa rebuilding effort, where it served as an emergency ambulance vessel for the hospital in Anara-Zel. During deposed Prime Minister Kinchawn's coup d'état, the Tsavo was set to evacuate the hospital, when a Tezwan military officer threw an explosive device into the runabout, destroying it and killing dozens of people in and around the vessel. (TNG novel: A Time to Heal)

The Tezwans later placed a stone marker on the site of the Tsavo's destruction as a remembrance of those killed. (ST novel: Articles of the Federation)

Tsavo casualties[edit | edit source]

Although the vessel's class wasn't specified, given the series and time period it was likely a Danube-class. Although never mentioned as such in the novel, the USS prefix is also speculation. Since Danube-class runabouts are named after rivers, the ship was probably named after the Tsavo River in Kenya.
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