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The USS Venture was a Federation Constitution-class heavy cruiser in service to Starfleet in the 23rd century. (TOS comic: "Husian Gambit")

Service history[]

In 2274, the USS Venture was under the command of Morgan Avery, with Executive & Science Officer Hathoz, Senior Medical Officer Wu, and Chief Engineer Kraus. The USS Enterprise had its biannual maintenance performed at the drydock repair facility at Hus-24 in February 2274, docking a few hours after the USS Venture had arrived for maintenance.

Introducing USS Venture’s senior officers.

During their R&R at Hus-24, James T. Kirk was interested to meet Venture’s famous captain. Avery invited Enterprise’s senior officers to dinner on the Venture. On the planet, a reptilian Venture officer invited Itaka Sulu agreed to play a game of softball, Enterprise crew vs. Venture crew. Nyota Uhura sang a song with an impromptu band composed of musicians from both crews. Spock was surprised to learn Hathoz had given up three-dimensional chess “when it no longer presented a challenge.” They played a game to a draw.

Lt. Tulb, a Distotian.

When the maintenance was completed, both crews were captured by Husians. Men were chained and forced to work in a tritanium mine, while women were unchained but had to harvest grain fields. The key to the men escaping was Tulb, a Distotian who was able to slip off his collared restraint through his flexible head, leaving him free to wrestle a phaser rifle from one of the guards. An earring of Avery's was used by Nyota Uhura to spark a fire to help the women escape. Both crews then teamed up to capture the Husians. (TOS comic: "Husian Gambit")


USS Venture personnel
USS Venture (Constitution-class) M. AveryBenHathozKrausTulbWuunnamed personnel UFP emblem image. Seal of the Federation Starfleet. Uniform patch insignia.
USS Venture (Galaxy-class) B. DawsonR. CorbettHasturHendersonT. SamsonStanley
USS Venture-A (Venture-class) E. CooperR. Simmons



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