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The USS Verne (NCV-474700) was a Federation starship, a tier 6 Verne-class temporal science vessel prototype in Starfleet service in the 29th century and 2410s decade. (STO website: The Evolution of the Infinity Lock Box)

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During the time of the Tzenkethi Crusade, the Lobi Crystal Consortium gained access to six additional timeship classes from the 29th century, all rated tier 6. This included the USS Verne and its class of temporal science vessels, which were based on the tier 5 Wells-class starships. The Verne's Klingon and Romulan counterparts were the IKS Qul'poH and RRW Sui'Mor, respectively. (STO - Season 14.5 missions: "Welcome to Earth Spacedock", "Spin the Wheel")

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