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The USS Voyager (NCC-74656-J) was a 32nd century Federation starship, an Intrepid-class[1] vessel in Starfleet service in the 3180s decade. Around that time, Voyager was operating from the new Federation Headquarters space station housing the Federation's civilian government and Starfleet Headquarters after the Burn. (DSC episode: "Die Trying")

Service history and disposition[edit | edit source]

Voyager-J was active in the 3180s decade. At one point in 3189, this ship was present at the joint Federation and Starfleet HQ.

Sylvia Tilly reads Voyager's registry number.

In that year, the time-displaced USS Discovery arrived at Federation HQ. Its 23rd century crew marveled at the futuristic Starfleet ships visible from their ship's viewports. Lieutenant Joann Owosekun and Ensign Sylvia Tilly discussed how the registry number indicated this Voyager was the eleventh iteration of NCC-74656. (DSC episode: "Die Trying")

Starship schematic.

During the refit of the Discovery, a schematic of Voyager-J was displayed on a bridge computer screen by the downtime crew. Voyager itself was docked in visual range of Discovery. (DSC episode: "Scavengers")

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