The original incarnation of the Hazard Team military unit was divided into the A-squad and B-squad, but the A-squad is the most relevant for the means of the article. The team was the driving force behind the defeat of the Vohrsoth, and was also pivotal in allowing Voyager to escape through the transwarp hub and return to Federation space. (VOY video game: Elite Force)

Members[edit | edit source]

Members of the Hazard Team Alpha squad from Voyager in 2376

Alpha squad

  • Lieutenant Les Foster is the leader of the Hazard Team. It is his duty, along with Tuvok, to train the team in tactical procedures for the dangerous missions they will partake in, as well as personally leading the team into combat.
  • Ensign Alexander Munro is second-in-command, and a skilled combatant. While he may appear headstrong and lacking in discipline, he is a much more capable leader than they realise, and he repeatedly proves himself worthy of the role.
NOTE: In the first Elite Force game, there was the option to play a female version of the same character: Alexandria Munro. Due to the second game focusing on the male version of the character, the female version will be considered apocryphal for the means of Memory Beta.
  • Crewman Telsia Murphy serves as the Hazard Team's sniper and scout. She is a longtime friend of Ensign Munro.
  • Crewman Austin Chang, the Hazard Team's demolitionist, joined alongside Munro when the team was formed.
  • Crewman Kendrick Biessman is a sarcastic and boisterous, often cocky and overly-loud, individual. However, he is also an exceptional combatant, making him a valuable member of the Hazard Team. He served as the team's Heavy Weapons Specialist.
  • Crewman Chell joined the Hazard Team at the first opportunity for the chance of observing alien technology up close. Although adverse to battle and prone to complaining, his skills as a technician make him a valuable addition to the Hazard Team, as well as the Voyager crew as a whole.
  • Crewman Juliet Jurot serves as the Hazard Team's field medic. Fiercely logical, yet retaining the empathic nature of her Betazoid blood, she can be paradoxical at times.

Beta squad

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