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The USS Yamato (NCX-5626-V) was a 23rd century Federation starship, the prototype of the experimental Yamato-class battleship. The vessel was larger than most contemporary starships, and wielded roughly the same firepower as a small space station. It was essentially a battleship hull constructed around two assault phaser emitters, which served as the vessel's primary weapons. The amount of energy required to power the phasers was such that the vessel could occasionally overload its systems after using them, leaving it vulnerable to attack. However, its shields and armor were powerful enough to repel most attacks.

The Yamato was used in the elite Klingon Command Academy bridge crew training simulations for the Class of 2290. As such, she was encountered in the Sol star system in a simulated mission, in company with the USS Mitchell, USS Johnson, USS Hurricane, USS Dvorak, USS Huntington, USS Vengeance, USS Omaha, USS Arcus, USS Avalanche, USS Decker, USS Tamorra, USS Exodus, and USS Freedom. (ST video game: Klingon Academy)

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