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The USS Yeager (NCC-1437) was a Federation starship, a Cardenas-class vessel in Starfleet service in the 2250s decade. (DSC episodes: "The Vulcan Hello", "Battle at the Binary Stars")

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On stardate 1207.3 (May 11, 2256), the Yeager participated in the Battle of the Binary Stars between Starfleet and a Klingon fleet, led by the fanatic T'Kuvma. Captain Steven Maranville was in command of the ship at the time. Early in the battle, the Klingons disabled the Yeager and captured members of its crew, including Lieutenant Ash Tyler. After the ship was destroyed, Tyler was held on a Klingon prison ship. (DSC episodes: "Battle at the Binary Stars", "Choose Your Pain")

Six months after the battle, the Yeager was one of the ships lost in the battle that were commemorated on a display in the mess hall aboard the USS Discovery. (DSC episode: "Context Is For Kings")

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