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The USS Yeager (NCC-65674) was a 24th century Federation starship, a variant Intrepid-class light cruiser, dubbed Yeager-class[1], in Starfleet service in the 2370s decade. Yeager was frequently stationed in the Bajoran sector to provide support to Deep Space 9 during the Dominion War. (TOSC Issue 122: "USS Yeager")

Service history and disposition

The prototype light cruiser Yeager was launched in 2373, serving concurrently with the Saber-class USS Yeager. Due to the war-induced shortage of starships when the Dominion War commenced, the Starfleet Corps of Engineers at Utopia Planitia Fleet Yards built vessels from whatever components available. The light cruiser Yeager itself was a merger between a standard Intrepid-class saucer section and warp nacelles, and a 2330s super-sized Condor-class Maquis raider reconfigured to serve as secondary hull. The secondary hull was larger than the average Condor- or Ju'day-class raider, allowing for an expansion of crew from an Intrepid's standard complement of 105 to 204. Like other Intrepid-class ships, the Yeager was outfitted with bio-neural gel packs. However, its top speed of warp 9.55 was lower but could be sustained for 12 hours. (TOSC Issue 122: "USS Yeager")

Visiting Earth.

The variant Intrepid-class ship was dubbed Yeager class. (TOSC Issue 28: "Maquis Raider")

The Yeager was seconded to Federation-Bajoran space station Deep Space 9 to beef up security in 2373. After the Dominion captured DS9, the Yeager was one of 627 Allied ships that retook the station as part of Operation Return. The Yeager remained as station patrol until the end of the Dominion War. (TOSC Issue 122: "USS Yeager")

The Yeager in 2382.

The ship retained its kitbash configuration into the 2380s. In the year 2382, the Yeager remained in active Starfleet service. (TNG comic: "Hive")


In one version of events, the Borg Collective created a fake extradimensional species, the Voldranaii, to trick the Federation into entering an alliance on stardate 59844.9 in 2382. The Yeager was assigned to a joint Borg-Federation fleet. When Starfleet saw through the Borg Queen's ruse, the Borg attacked Starfleet. Seemingly, the USS Enterprise was the only Federation ship to escape the battle. (TNG comic: "Hive")


The 25th century Pathyeager-class.

Inspired by the USS Yeager and clumpships of the 2380s, Starfleet's first Pakled starship designer Nahamcam constructed the USS Pathyeager zero-mission science vessel. The Pathyeager-class combined the upscaled hull of a Maquis Ju'day-class raider with a Starfleet primary hull. Instead of an Intrepid-class saucer, Nahamcam substituted the relevant section from the Pathfinder-class long-range science vessel. Its registry number NCC-60074 was a reversal of the USS Pathfinder's NCC-97600 registry, mirroring how the NCC-65674 of the Yeager recombined the NCC-74656 of USS Voyager. (STO website: Command the Pathyeager!)



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Named for Chuck Yeager, the first Human to break the sound barrier, the USS Yeager was a background starship seen in seasons 6 and 7 of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, shown orbiting near the station. The ship's registry is derived from photos of the studio model taken by the artists who created it, and can be seen at Ex Astris Scientia's article.

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