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The USS Yorktown (NCC-97005) was a Federation starship, a first generation Block I/S Odyssey-class dreadnought in Starfleet service that was launched shortly after the USS Enterprise-F.

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The Yorktown was built at Utopia Planitia Fleet Yards, Mars, and launched after the maiden voyage of the Block I Odyssey-class vessel, the USS Enterprise-F, as part of a Federation Starfleet initiative to produce fleet-element flagships during conflicts with Species 8472 and the Vaadwaur Supremacy. Expanding on the Odyssey design to specify a more scientific focus to mission profiles, the Yorktown was designed as a Block I/S Odyssey-class science-enhanced command function vessel, designed with other Block I/T (enhanced tactical systems) and I/E (enhanced engineering systems) vessels, to be a center of fleet operations during the Iconian War.

It was destroyed in a final assault by Iconian Herald ships in an attack against Starfleet Headquarters in the Sol system.

While many of its crew were able to escape the destruction of the vessel with its hull left largely intact, Starfleet opted to strip down the entire ship and completely rebuild it as a new Block II/S Odyssey class vessel. With a complete overhaul of the science command cruiser, the Yorktown's successor was christened with a new naval contract registry code, NCC-98300. (ST video game: Star Trek Online, TTC Jayce's Navy Interstellar [1])



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