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The USS Yosemite (NCC-19002) was a Federation starship, an Oberth-class science vessel in service to Starfleet, commissioned in the 24th century.

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The Yosemite was launched in the 2330s and was commanded by Captain Indul. In 2336, the Yosemite investigated the Badlands and became the first starship to explore the interior of the plasma storms. (TNG novella: The Badlands, Part II)

In 2341, the Yosemite brought Data and Sinna to Earth for attendance at Starfleet Academy. At some point on this voyage, Data had to take control of the ship. (TNG novel: Mystery of the Missing Crew)

In 2366, the Yosemite, under the command of Captain Patricia Blackswan, was sent to investigate the destruction of Federation Science Outpost D5. The ship's chief engineer, Lieutenant Elizabeth Shelby, determined that the outpost had been attacked by the Borg. (NF - No Limits short story: "All That Glisters...")

Under the command of Captain Jack Swift, the Yosemite continued in service at least through 2370. (TNG episode: "Realm of Fear"; DS9 episode: "Whispers"; WizKids module: Tactics)

In the year 2370, the Yosemite was under the command of Captain Jack Swift, assigned to captain Yosemite on a journey from New Brooklyn IX towards Starbase Deep Space 9, due on stardate 47552.9. This information appeared on an arrival roster report at the space station. (DS9 episode: "Whispers")

This ship was never mentioned or seen in "Whispers", but was listed on a viewscreen showing an arrival roster.

The Yosemite was equipped with a Class-3 Probe Torpedo Launcher, and Victurium Bulkheads. (WizKids module: Tactics)

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