The USS Zimbabwe was a Constitution-class Federation starship in service in the 23rd century, and was commissioned on stardate 5621.3.

History and specificationsEdit

By the 2260s, the Zimbabwe was under the command of Captain Ulysses Montaya. During this time, her non-classified assignments included the transportation of diplomats between Babel and Vulcan and the search for missing ships in the Delphi sector. In 2269, the Zimbabwe herself disappeared in the region.

However, the crew of the USS Enterprise later discovered that the omnipotent being known as Trelane was responsible for the disappearances, and had miniaturized the Zimbabwe and placed her inside a glass bottle. Following the intervention of the Enterprise crew along with Lieutenant commander Walter Ellis, the Zimbabwe's security chief and first officer, the Zimbabwe and her crew were restored to normal. (TOS video game: Judgment Rites)


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