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The USS da Vinci (NCC-81623) was a 24th century Federation starship, a Saber-class light cruiser/destroyer in Starfleet service, commissioned circa the year 2370 and assigned to the Starfleet Corps of Engineers. (SCE eBooks: The Belly of the Beast, Security, Progress)

Service history and disposition

Early missions

Upon its launch, command of the da Vinci was given to Captain David Gold, while Commander Salek was assigned as head of the SCE contingent.

The da Vinci was scheduled to visit Earth in September of 2373, but a life-support malfunction forced them make port at Magatha IV. (SCE short story: "An Easy Fast")

On stardate 51993.8 (late 2374), Crewmen Fabian Stevens and P8 Blue joined the da Vinci, bringing with them a recently recovered Dominion weapon for the SCE crew to examine. (SCE eBook: War Stories, Book 2)

In mid 2375, the da Vinci was engaged by the Breen around the moons of Lamenda IV, while a joint SCE and Starfleet Intelligence team investigated a downed Breen ship on Lamenda Prime. (SCE short story: "Field Expediency")

Later that year, the da Vinci encountered an alien vessel, Dancing Star, which endangered a covert Federation listening post near the Cardassian border. Commander Salek sacrificed his own life in an effort to destroy the ship and preserve the listening post. Salek was replaced as SCE team leader and first officer by Commander Sonya Gomez. (SCE eBook: Collective Hindsight, Book One)

Post-Dominion War

The da Vinci was nearly destroyed in 2376 when caught in the atmosphere of a gas giant planet Galvan VI. More than half of the ship's complement died on this mission, including second officer Kieran Duffy. (SCE eBook: Wildfire, Book 2) The ship was repaired and slightly reconfigured at Earth Station McKinley. (SCE eBooks: Breakdowns, Aftermath)

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In mid 2377, the Federation starbase Deep Space 10 suffered a major malfunction in its environmental control systems, which with the use of emergency filtration and oxygen supplies, left the station with only 21 hours of life support. When the station's engineers were unable to repair the system, the da Vinci was contacted by Commander Kesh-Mara and requested the ship's immediate assistance. CoE eBook: Troubleshooting)


In May of 2380, the da Vinci was assigned to investigate the explosion of one of the moons around Klorgat IV, a Klingon world where Reman refugees from the Romulan Star Empire had been relocated. By August, the SCE team was able to conclude the moon had been destroyed by the IRW Rhliailu, a ship under the command of Admiral Mendak. (ST novel: Articles of the Federation)

In June of 2380, following the Borg attack on the Sol system, Captain Gold resigned his commission to rejoin his wife on Earth. Sonya Gomez was then promoted to Captain and given command of the da Vinci. (ST - Destiny novel: Lost Souls; ST novel: A Singular Destiny)

The dates cited in Articles and A Singular Destiny indicate the transfer of command happened during the Klorgat investigation. Whether the da Vinci remained in this system for the entire three-month period or not is unclear.

During the Borg Invasion of 2381, the da Vinci was at planet Troyius, and managed to defend that world by making it temporarily disappear. Following the end of the war, the da Vinci towed the Columbia (NX-02), long crashed in the Gamma Quadrant, back to Earth. (ST - Destiny novel: Lost Souls)


The da Vinci was still in operation in the year 2409 and was still working with the Starfleet Corps of Engineers. (STO video game: Star Trek Online)


The da Vinci had a standard crew complement of 42, and two shuttlecraft (originally the Franklin and the Archimedes, later replaced by the Kwolek and the Shirley).

Ship's personnel

See USS da Vinci personnel.



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  • The da Vinci was named after the famous scientist, inventor, and artist Leonardo da Vinci.
  • The registry of NCC-81623 was chosen to be in line with the USS Yeager, which was originally erroneously listed as NCC-81947 instead of NCC-61947, and provided the first two digits. The "623" was derived by DeCandido and John J. Ordover from the date they conceived the series, June 23, 2000.