The USS ibn Majid was a 24th century Federation starship, a heavy cruiser in Starfleet service in the 2380s decade, named for the 15th century explorer Ahmad ibn Majid.

Service history and disposition

In the year 2390, the ibn Majid was under the command of Captain Alonzo Vandermeer. The ibn Majid encountered a small spacecraft of indeterminate origina in the Vayt sector. Vandermeer contacted Starfleet Command of the first contact and invited Ambassador Beautiful Flower aboard, with his protégé, Jana. Hours later, Vandermeer received a black flag directive from Starfleet, and killed the guests under threat of Starfleet intervention against his ship. First Officer Cristóbal Rios confronted Vandermeer about the atrocity, and the captain committed suicide in front of his executive officer. (PIC episode: "Broken Pieces")

Starfleet classified the incident and erased official records of the ibn Majid. (PIC episodes: "The End is the Beginning", "Broken Pieces")



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  • The class of the ship itself was not named in any production mentioning the vessel, although showrunner Michael Chabon has had social media conversations stating class names he would like to give these vessels. In a Q&A on Instagram, he stated that the ibn Majid belonged to the Curiosity class, many ships of which were named after marginalized or "forgotten" explorers of history.

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