The Ubarrak are a humanoid civilization native to the Alpha Quadrant. They control a multi-sector-spanning interstellar empire known as the Ubarrak Primacy.

The Ubarrak have slitted yellow eyes and prominent overhanging brow ridges. Individuals have been described as "powerful" and "broad-shouldered", but it is unclear whether those were general traits or just qualities of those individuals. Ubarrak can hold their breath for several minutes. They are prone to scanning their environment with tiny jerks of the head, as if expecting trouble at any moment.

Ubarrak are crafty and belligerent, and are infamous for having formerly eaten their own young in times of famine. They are inclined to expand their government by force, using shock tactics to quickly force their targets into submission.

By the 2330s, the Ubarrak were hostile to both the Cardassian Union and the Federation, who both blocked the Ubarrak's most desired avenues of expansion. In one unaligned border sector, they have taken over several worlds, including a Zartani colony, and are engaged in intrigues to expand further despite the opposition of those two major states. They had conquered the Mizarian people at least twice. (STA novel: Oblivion)

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