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Uchu (宇宙) was the third installment in TokyoPop's series of TOS manga comics.


The voyage of the starship Enterprise continues…
TokyoPop delivers new manga-style stories of the classic USS Enterprise crew in this third installment of the Star Trek manga series. In Uchu, David Gerrold (writer of the classic episode "The Trouble with Tribbles") brings us a rumpus on the Enterprise as the mysterious, teddy bear-like creature Bandi runs amok with pretty virulent vibes. Wil Wheaton returns with a Klingon confrontation that may test Kirk's resolute hatred of them. Nathaniel Bowden brings us a society in which bureaucrats run wild. And Luis Reyes tries to glimpse the softer side of Spock.



  • The Japanese title Uchu means universe or space.
  • Early listings for this books gave the title Aratanaru Michi He, which means on a new path.


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