The Ullians are telepathic humanoid species. They were part of the Ullian Free State and were members of the United Federation of Planets. (TNG - Section 31 novel: Rogue)

In 2368, several Ullians were involved in a project to recover information by using telepathy to recover forgotten memories. The project was halted when one of the Ullians was discovered to have committed a form of "telepathic rape" while he was aboard the USS Enterprise-D. (TNG episode: "Violations")

The Cardassian Obsidian Order was known to use Ullians as part of espionage operations. In 2365, Elim Garak was involved in the death of the Ullian Yenla Tosh. In 2373, Garak believed he had seen Tosh alive on Deep Space 9, although it was in fact her sister Keytra Tosh, who was seeking revenge against Garak. (DS9 comic: "Requiem in Obsidian")

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