The Ultimatum of the Nine Worlds was a famous document of Orion history.

The Nine Worlds Confederation sought to curtail and restrict the growing freedoms of the Orions, whom they held in slavery by the terms of the Treaty of Kammzdast. These efforts came to a head at the 187th Rigel Conference, held in a Rigel IV Trade Hall on July 14th, 95 BCE (reference stardate −20/9507.14), where Nine Worlds delegates issued the Ultimatum of the Nine Worlds. This was a list of prohibitions that restricted Orions from participating in any commercial activities in or out of the Rigel system.

The Ultimatum triggered a full-scale Orion revolt. As soon as it was announced, all links with the outside world were broken, and Orion troops seized all ships orbiting Rigel IV minutes later. This revolt grew into the Orion War that led to their liberation (FASA RPG module: The Orions: Book of Common Knowledge).

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