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Under Twin Moons is the second of six TOS stories by William Rotsler in the young adult anthology Star Trek II Short Stories. The stories depict events in 2277 during Captain Kirk's second five-year mission aboard the refurbished USS Enterprise. In this story, Uhura meets a dashing prince while on shore leave.

Publisher’s description

From the back cover
Travel with your favorite Star Trek II characters into six new and original short stories written especially for you! — In UNDER TWIN MOONS Lieutenant Uhura (sic) finds an unusual way to relax from starship duty. — A treasure trove of adventure for all Star Trek fans.


In the rec room, Leonard McCoy, Nyota Uhura and young Lex Nakashima were discussing upcoming shore leave on the popular independent world Macedon III. Uhura had not taken leave at the last two ports, so McCoy ordered her to go this time. She accompanied a group of officers aboard the Columbus who landed in the city of New Athens in the evening. In the light of the planet’s moons, Circe and Artemis, Uhura lamented the loss of Jomo Murumbi, with whom she’d been in love, but decided she had mourned enough.

A strikingly handsome man approached and chatted her up. He was a prince, Jaral Stephanopoulos, nephew to Queen Miranie. Jarel decided to introduce Uhura to the matriarch, so he brought her into a fancy dress ballroom event where Miranie was talking with Admiral Kirk in his dress uniform. Jarel told Miranie he would be showing Uhura a few of the sights tomorrow. Miranie warned Uhura that Jarel was a heart-breaker. To counter that, he asked Admiral Kirk’s permission to show Uhura the wonders of the city this evening. As they left, Uhura said he could have asked her first. He countered by saying everyone wants to see the sights, tourists and locals alike, and she said that was true, so he said he would take her to the ruins of Corin, called “the greatest romantic sight in the galaxy…but I’m sure it must be Thracians who say that.”

Jarel and Uhura rode a carriage through a couple of valleys in New Athens to the outskirts of the city, after which lay Thracian ruins. When Earth settlers had come to Macedon III in sleeper ships, they’d found surviving locales from multiple wars, Thracians, and assimilated them into their culture and government. They left the carriage and walked along through the ruins. Suddenly dark figures attacked them with clubs, and they fell.

Kicked in the side, Uhura winced and awoke in a stone room, her arms bound, her communicator taken. Threats that she was a Federation officer were ignored. The captor ordered her to clean Jarel, gesturing at a wooden water bucket and some bandages, then left. Jarel lay unconscious, his face bloodied. She tended to Jarel till he woke up about an hour later. They were able to untie each other’s bonds. He said their captors were Traasmeen, a group representing about four percent of the population. They had intermarried with the Thracians, maintained historic hatreds, used terrorist tactics to try to overthrow the government, and would not accept offers to live in a land of their own. He would be given a very public death, and he apologized for involving her, not having known of a Traasmeen terrorist cell nearby.

Bickering about the best strategy for an escape, they agreed to try the dying prisoner routine, with Jarel as the one dying. It worked, and they hurriedly left Corin on foot.

Back aboard the Enterprise as the ship left Macedon, Kirk asked Uhura if she enjoyed her shore leave. Yes, she replied, it was educational.



Pavel ChekovJames T. KirkRyan LeslieLeonard McCoyMiranieLex NakashimaElizabeth PalmerMontgomery ScottSpockJaral StephanopoulosHikaru SuluNyota Uhura
Referenced only
CaligulaDariaAdolf HitlerMurray FoxJomo MurumbiPhilistraJoseph StalinGeorge WashingtonZogunnamed Thracians

Starships and vehicles

ColumbusUSS Enterprise
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USS CrockettUSS Xerxes
Starship classications
heavy cruisershuttlecraftsleeper ship


Planets and moons
ArtemisCirceMacedon III
Planetary locations
CorinFireflower IslandsHotel TerraMuseum of Terran HistoryNew AthensNew Temple of ZeusPool of CirceSea of Argos
bridgerec room
Referenced only
ApolloniaArabiaBactriaBastilleByzantionDelphiEarthGreater New YorkKoraiLieberman's WorldMarsportSamosSan FranciscoSpartaTelemachusTellarUpsilon Xi IIIWinter Palace

Races and cultures

Human (GreekJapaneseTurk) • ThracianTraasmeenVulcan

States and organizations

Companions of AlexandriaContinental CongressEmpire of ThraceKlingon-Romulan AllianceMacedon Chamber of CommerceOrder of the Shield of MedusaSpecial ForcesStarfleetUnited Federation of PlanetsUnited States of Africa

Science and technology


Ranks and titles

A-and-A officerBaron of Bactriacaptainchief medical officercolonelCount of SamosDuchess of KoraiHeriditary Colonel of the Companions of AlexanderKeeper of the Sacred Flamelieutenantlieutenant commandermatriarchMatriarch of New AthenspopePriestess of ArtemisprinceProtector of DelphiSworn Warrior of the Empire of Thrace

Other references

2164atmospherecapital citycardscaricityclass III planetcomputer gamedarkbeetleFarkash dynastyfireflyGorgonlibertyMoonflowerOctoberorixormachiplume dancerportPrime DirectivequeenStar of ApolloStarfleet uniformswordtreeuniformWarrior-KingMuseum of the History of Thraceopal



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