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"Unexpected Honor" is a Star Trek Online short story by Christine Thompson appearing in Star Trek Magazine #40. It was the first in an ongoing series of short stories, based in the Star Trek Online universe, published in Star Trek Magazine, every issue, following.


Va'Kel Shon visits Data to discuss the command of the USS Enterprise, which he has been offered. Data attempts to convince Shon that Shon's tactical mindset is needed now.

Memorable quotes[]

"I don't look at the galaxy like you do. You see experiences - I see potential threats. I'm a tactical officer, not an explorer."
Va'Kel Shon



B4DataVa'Kel Shon
Referenced only 
Bruce MaddoxDeanna TroiMontgomery Scott (implied)

Starships and vehicles[]

Referenced only 
USS Enterprise-EUSS Enterprise-F


EarthOxford University
Referenced only 
AndoriaFluidic spaceStarbase 36Starfleet AcademyVega colony

Races and cultures[]

Referenced only 

States and organizations[]

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Daystrom InstituteUndine task force

Other references[]

Earl Grey



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