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EDF emblem.

The United Earth Defense Force (EDF) was a military organisation, the defense force of the United Earth government in the 32nd century. The EDF maintained a picket line around the planet and did not control the rest of the Sol system. (DSC episode: "People of Earth")


At some point in the mid-31st century, the Burn weakened the Federation, leading to its near dissolution. (DSC episode: "That Hope Is You, Part 1")

Around 3089, both the Federation and Starfleet left Earth. Around this time, United Earth was no longer part of the Federation.

By the 3180s decade, personnel of the EDF wore blue uniforms with a bandolier and combadge. They were armed with phasers and equipped with personal transporters. EDF starships operated with quantum torpedoes and viewscreens were considered quaint. EDF personnel was multi-species, and included Humans, Tellarites and other aliens.

In 3187, the Human Adira was joined with the Trill symbiont Tal, formerly joined with Starfleet admiral Senna Tal.

In 3189, Adira served as an inspector in the EDF under Captain Ndoye. Ndoye and her staff boarded the temporally displaced Starfleet science vessel USS Discovery. Captain Saru helped open negotiations between Ndoye and Titan raiders. Adira remained with the Discovery when it left Earth. (DSC episode: "People of Earth")

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A year later, Ndoye (now promoted to General) represented Earth in negotiations on how to deal with the Dark Matter Anomaly. (DSC episode: "...But to Connect")

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