The United Federation of Planets is a grand alliance of over 150 planets and species.


The Federation was founded in 2161 by United Earth, Vulcan, the Andorian Empire, Alpha Centauri, and Tellar.

The Late 24th-Century (2376-2400)

After the Dominian War, the Federation narrowly avoided a split due to a post-war economic bust. (TNG: A Time to Kill)


The Federation is a representative democracy, with an elected president as the head of its executive branch. An election is held every four years, and a president may serve for an unlimited number of terms.

The legislative branch is composed of the Federation Council, which is composed of one councillors from every Member. There is no limit as to how many terms a person may serve as councillor. T'Latrek of Vulcan, for instance, served on the Federation Council for nearly a century in the 24th Century. Each individual Member determines how its councillors will be determined; the First Minister of Bajor, for instance, nominates that world's councillor and the Chamber of Ministers ratifies him or her, while the electorates of many other Members elect their councillors directly.

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