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The United Nations Solar Fleet (abbreviated UNSF, and sometimes known as the UN Starfleet) was the organization which developed and operated Earth's exploration, transport, and military spaceships and starships in the century prior to the incorporation of the United Federation of Planets. Vessels operating under UNSF auspices generally used an identification prefix of "UNSS" before the ship's name or registry, although on some occasions, "USS" was known to be used as a variation. (TOS reference: Spaceflight Chronology; ST episode: "Star Trek Live")

The UNSF was established by Article 3 of the United Space Initiative, passed by Earth's United Nations on reference stardate 0/03. Initially, the UNSF was composed of exploration and transport spaceships. Following the passage of the Space Homesteading Act of stardate 0/14 and its provision for the UNSF to provide transportation for homesteaders, the Solar Fleet increasingly found itself in peacekeeping and rescue roles. By stardate 0/34 the Fleet was reorganized to formally address these roles, which also provided for its later military role as Earth's defense force. (TOS reference: Spaceflight Chronology)

At the time of their founding in the 21st century, they didn't have any spacecraft of their own, and instead worked with the United States of America's NASA administration and other concurrent space organizations to explore space and train the next generation of astronauts. (ST episode: "Star Trek Live")

After the incorporation of the Federation on stardate 0/87, most UNSF assets were merged with their counterparts among the other founding worlds to form Starfleet. (TOS reference: Spaceflight Chronology)

The uniforms of the UNSF were the first known variation of a Starfleet uniform. The Earth Starfleet uniform's basic design of angled stripes began a long tradition of uniforms with a color-code to show divisional association. The style, with division indicators on a functional flight suit, remained unchanged beyond the end of the UN Starfleet—In the 22nd century, into the Starfleet of United Earth adopted this as their standard uniform with only minor changes. The design's longevity extended into the Federation era of history, as uniforms of this same style were worn by Earth Starfleet personnel to the ceremonies incorporating the Federation, as their organization evolved into the Federation Starfleet. (ST episode: "Star Trek Live"; Star Trek: Enterprise)

Dates and events from the Spaceflight Chronology reference: are presented above as reference stardates, which were devised by the later contributors to this timeline, the FASA RPG. The year dates from those two sources contradict canon and real-life, and as such are presented as stardates to avoid contradicting other sources used by this wiki.


Sean Christopher was a trainer at the first class of the newly formed Starfleet Academy, which was temporarily located at Cape Canaveral, Florida, with plans to relocate to San Francisco. (ST episode: "Star Trek Live")



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