The Flag of the United States of America, circa 2033.

The United States Military Forces (USMF, also known as the United States armed forces) were the armed services tasked with defending the United States of America from foreign and domestic enemies, and carrying out military objectives of the United States government.

The USMF was comprised of several different branches. Included were the;

The United States National Guard was a part of the Military Forces. The National Guard, which had both Army and Air Force units, was based in each of the member states that made up the United States. They were primarily a reserve force that normally operated under the authority of the Governor of the state they were based in, unless called to Federal service.

The commander in chief of the US military was the President of the United States.


Rank insigniaEdit

rank insignia notable recipients
General of the Armies of the United States (or Admiral of the Navy)
general of the army (or fleet admiral) US o-11 rank pin
general (or admiral) US o-10 rank pin
lieutenant general (or vice admiral) US o-9 rank pin
major general (or rear admiral) US o-8 rank pin
brigadier general (or rear admiral lower half, formerly commodore or flag officer) US o-7 rank pin
colonel (or navy captain) US o-6 rank pin
lieutenant colonel (or commander) US o-5 rank pin
major (or lieutenant commander) US o-4 rank pin
captain (or naval lieutenant) US o-3 rank pin
first lieutenant (or lieutenant junior grade) US o-2 rank pin
second lieutenant (or ensign) US o-1 rank pin


The title "United States Military Forces" is not a 'real-life' appellation, but was devised as a fictional name by Franz Joseph's Star Fleet Technical Manual.

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