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Newly arrived on Earth, T'Pol ventures out in San Francisco to attend a nightclub performance by a musical group she first heard in the early days of Vulcan-Human contact.



T'PolEskey IngleseiKittieMarcoPetPiquéTiaraTyg

Starships and vehicles


EarthSan FranciscoUnited States of America
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AfricaAustraliaBohemiaBetazedCanberraCythereaLunaSouthern ContinentVulcan

Races and cultures

Human (CaucasianOriental) • Vulcan
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States and organizations

European HegemonyVulcan ConsulateVulcan High Command

Other references

albumalienalternate realityantioxidantartartificial limbattachebandBasai masterbass guitarbomb shelterbuttercatchromiumcomposerconcertConsulate Information Packetcookiecosmoscross-breedingcultural exchangecurtaincymbaldancediamonddiplomacydrumemotionEnglish languageeternityFloating on Ardanagourd rattlegoverning councilguitarHindsight and Foresighthoneyidentity cardIDICinstrument caseItalian languagejazzkeyboardKolinhar Masterlight yearliqueurlogicmachinemagnesiummanagermathematicsmusicmusical instrumentmusiciannebulaneedlenightclubOde to Joypercussionphysicsplanetplasticplectrumpotassiumrattlesandalsciencescout partysculpturesoldiersongspaceSpanish languagespeciesSpinal TapstarstylusT-shirtThe Best of 2088timetradeUniversal ChorduniverseutensilVAveganventilationVulcan languageVulcan salutewarwaterwinewritingzero gravity training


credit chipdata fichedatabasedatafilehovervanspacesuitstar cruisertargeting computer





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