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From solicitations: Star Trek: Unlimited #1, an all-new 56-page bimonthly series! In the debut Star Trek story, only Captain Kirk can stop the all-out interstellar war brewing between the Federation and the Gorn! Then, in the debut Star Trek: The Next Generation adventure, the Federation and the Lom must supervise first contact with an unknown civilization called the Endrel. The problem: the Lom's Prime Directive and the Federation's Prime Directive have opposite meanings. How can Captain Picard protect the Endrel without violating Starfleet's code of honor?

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Star Trek Unlimited comics
#1 ("Directives" & "Dying of the Light") • #2 ("Action of the Tiger" & "The Unkindest Cut") • #3 ("Message in a Bottle" & "Sins of the Fathers") • #4 ("None But the Brave" & "Inheritance") • #5 ("Secret Lives" & "As Flies to Wanton Boys ") • "Heart of Darkness" • "An Infinite Jest" • #8 ("The Boy", "The Warrior" & "The Veteran") • "Trekkers" • "A Piece of Reaction"
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