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In spacedock (2251)Edit

Unnamed Andorian 2251

An unknown Andorian in 2251

An Andorian was in a spackdock facility where the USS Enterprise was docked in 2251. He was standing nearby when Robert April and Christopher Pike walked along a platform to the Enterprise's docking port, where Pike boarded the Enterprise to assume his new command. (EV comic: "Flesh of My Flesh")

Andorian pirateEdit

An Andorian who was part of the pirate colony on planet Corsair in 2270 had led a rough life, and had only one antenna. The Andorian spoke out against Captain Astro's decision to allow Spock to attend a pirate dinner, leading the captain to immediately execute the Andorian. (TOS novel: Black Fire)

Plague carrierEdit

A hysterical Andorian was a carrier of the doomsday bug virus, as revealed in 2285. Because the virus had an intelligence and an agenda, the Andorian's actions helped to precipitate an outbreak. The virus had different effects on different species, causing instant death in Humans, some avianoids and Tellarites, while infected Andorians were afflicted with an incredible fear and hysteria. In this way, the Andorian carrier infected the Tellarite crew of an Aakenn-class freighter, killing them, and was then recovered by the Federation starship USS Surak. The avians and Humans in the Surak crew were soon all dead, but their captain, Spock, was uniquely affected with severe neural degeneration because of his ancestry as a genetic hybrid of Human and Vulcan parents. Someone affected by the virus also set the freighter's engines to explode. The Andorian stole a Surak shuttlecraft and fled to Romulan space, with Starfleet investigator Leonard McCoy likening him to an intergalactic Typhoid Mary. When the virus was absorbed by Romulans who captured the shuttle, they were posessed by its singular intelligence to spread it throughout the Romulan Star Empire. The insane Romulans killed the Andorian, vaporized by Captain tr'Aet of the ChR Predator. (TOS - The Doomsday Bug! comics: "Death Ship!", "Stand-Off!")

Kaferian AndoriansEdit

In 2365, these two Andorians lived near Alan Manheim on Kaferia and were evacuated by DTI special agents Gariff Lucsly and Marion Dulmur in order to protect them from a being seeking to destroy Manheim. (DTI novel: Watching the Clock)

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