List of unnamed Bajorans.

Bajoran prison officerEdit

Bajoran guard

Bajoran guard major.

This unnamed Bajoran Militia major was on duty in 2368 when a group of Cardassian war criminals staged a daring escape from the Omega Wing cell block of Prison Complex 187, where they were sentenced to die.

Bajoran maj-2

Uniform insignia.

The guard managed to raise the alarm before he was subdued by the rushing prisoners, who clubbed him with the butt of a stolen phaser pistol and made a dash for the a Bajoran prison shuttle landed near the grounds of the complex. (DS9 comic: "Turn of the Tide")

Bajoran prison firing squadEdit

Bajoran guardsmen

Bajoran guards.

This group of unnamed Bajoran Militia guardsmen were on duty when a group of Cardassians staged a daring escape from the Omega Wing cell block of Prison Complex 187. When a guard managed to raise the alarm, this team was quickly assembled, cutting down many of the escapees with weapons fire from their Bajoran phaser rifles. While a few of the condemned prisoners gained access to the shuttle's ramp, most were cut down by the firing squad, with phaser rifles, set to kill. One of the escapees likened the Bajoran actions as killing the Cardassians as if they were gettle.

Gul Shyak was one of the lucky few to survive, although his brother Tomorok died in his arms on the ramp. The shuttle survivors ended up forming a radical terrorist movement against the Bajorans, even as the Cardassian Union began to deal peace with the former enemy in 2370. (DS9 comic: "Turn of the Tide")

Metagenic attack scenarioEdit

Metagenic attack simulation

Bajorans under attack.

If Gul Shyak's plan to use a protomatter bomb to disperse a metagenic weapon had succeeded, his plan included the death of the entire population of Bajor. (DS9 comic: "Turn of the Tide")

It was not clear whether the slideshow Shyak was using to explain his plan had this visual image of a clergywoman and another Bajoran man dying, or if it was an imaginary depiction of his words supplied by the comic artist.
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