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This page lists and describes unnamed and/or unidentified members of the Bolian species.

By yearEdit


Endeavour Bolian

Navigator, USS Endeavour.

In the year 2263, a Bolian operations division officer served as navigator aboard the USS Endeavour. He was on the bridge during a communication between Captain James T. Kirk and New Vulcan, where Commander Spock and Lieutenant Nyota Uhura bantered with the captain.

Enterprise Tulian

Tactical officer, USS Enterprise.

Meanwhile, in an alternate timeline, a Tulian tactical officer served aboard the USS Enterprise under Captain Christopher Pike. He stood behind Captain Pike when the ship was attacked by the IKS Chonnaq, but swiftly moved to the tactical console on starboard. (TOS - IDIC comic: "Part 1")

By yearEdit


Cerritos Bolian

Ensign, USS Cerritos.

Around stardate 57436.2, in 2380, a Bolian ensign served in the operations division of the USS Cerritos. He participated in an away team led by Commander Jack Ransom establishing second contact with the Galardonian High Council. (LD episode: "Second Contact")

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